At the heart of our mission is the drive to support the women of Plymouth State by building a strong community, 通过指导, 慈善奖学金支持. We do this by inspiring women to dedicate time to their personal wellness, 设定一个成长的意图, 建立一个支持他们的网络,让他们茁壮成长. 反过来,菠菜导航网也回馈社会,帮助下一代. Never before in the history of the 妇女领袖峰会 has this support been more critical.



住宿信息: Listed below are rates and phone numbers for accomodations in 沃特维尔谷.

Please note there is a two night minimum for all options – Please contact the lodging establishments directly to book. 


银狐- 214美元.43人/晚(10间公寓)- 603-236-3699 

黑熊:229美元.40/晚- 603-236-4501 

雪鸮- 229美元/晚- 603-236-8383 


满* * -斯夸姆湖游船,下午4:30.M.
Depart from 斯夸姆湖自然科学中心 boat launch
Charter on Squam Lake by the 斯夸姆湖自然科学中心. 
Laugh with friends over snacks and drinks while learning about the natural history of Squam Lake. We will Look for majestic Bald Eagles, and listen for the haunting call of Common Loons. Hear about the people who have lived on its rocky shores for over 5,000 years. Cruise this beautiful lake for approx 90 minutes, where 金色池塘上 是在近40年前拍摄的吗.

斯夸姆湖自然科学中心 (603) 968-7194

乘船游览之后, pack your cooler with your favorite beverages (BYOB) and join us out under the tent in 沃特维尔谷的帕卡德田.  的年代unset Grill will be putting out some of their famous BBQ. Load up your plate, find a comfy spot, and reconnect with your WLS friends.

Parking for Packard Field is in the Golden Eagle Lodge Parking lot. 


帐篷下面的帕卡德田地, 咖啡站, 与小组领导进行活动签到, 简短的说明

-活动,8:30 A.M.

WLS Basecamp
活动负责人:Anne Poirier www.shapingperspectives.com
欢迎来到WLS Basecamp!  We ask only one thing: bring your unique self and an open mindset.  菠菜导航网会按照你的节奏度过这一天, sharing activities and information to support you on the most important journey we take…the journey through our lives.
穿舒适的衣服, 鞋子, 外面还有一层, 给自己带点零食, 以防你在旅途中饿了.  大本营将是一个你不想错过的营地.

Experience the power of a yoga practice dedicated to slowing down reconnecting and discovering the health benefits of innate, 注意运动.

活动负责人:Dianne Rappa和Denise Normandin
This easy out and back hike heads up the Drakes Brook valley to the Fletchers Cascade, a picturesque series of chutes and ledges that begins on the boggy summit of Flat Mountain. 这是一个3.2英里的往返徒步,大约需要1.5 - 2小时.

活动负责人:Julia LeFleur和Ava Tyler
雪山是其中较小的一个, more humble mountains located within the White Mountains National Forest. This hike will take you to places such as Greeley Ledges, Elephant Rock, and 弗莱彻的级联. These smaller and less popular locations give this mountain its charm. You don’t need to worry about finding more than a handful of other people on this mountain at any one time, 即使是在徒步旅行的旺季. What it lacks in grandeur it makes up for in solitude and the quaint little landmarks that scatter its slopes. 3.8英里

活动负责人:Lauren Lavigne和Sheryl Brochu
的伤痕 is a rocky hill that juts out of the northeast portion of the Valley. It offers beautiful views of the Ski Area, the Valley, and the Mountains that encircle it. 欣赏沃特维尔山谷的美景, 山特库姆塞, and the Sandwich Range and then return the way you came. Or, 如果你想进一步探索, you could continue to follow Irene’s path to the Waterville Flume. 距离:4.2英里,大约2小时的移动时间.

活动负责人:Stephanie Krebs
面向所有阶层开放. 指令包括.
活动负责人:Matty Leighton
Join us for the 4th annual Panther Hunt Adventure Trail – a delightfully different WLS activity! Based on the English children’s game of Hares and Hounds, “能力评估”适用于所有能力水平. This lively walk/run in 沃特维尔谷 led by two “hares” will challenge participants to collaborate, 解决谜题, and make it to the end of the trail together while having a great time. 如果你喜欢寻宝游戏, 益智游戏, 在享受户外活动的同时结交新朋友, 猎豹探险之路就是为你准备的! Length approximately 3 miles; options on trail will allow you to choose your difficulty level as you go. 包括短暂的茶点休息. 结实的登山鞋(防水是加分项)!), insect repellent, sun screen, and tall socks recommended. 你能抓住野兔吗? 你的黑豹名字是什么? 在猎豹探险步道上找到答案!

活动负责人:Allie Stoddard和Sarah Staub
Come experience the scenic and exhilarating mountain bike trails at 沃特维尔谷! 菠菜导航网将在山上/周围的中间小径上骑行. 雪, with the opportunity to ride the 雪的山 Chairlift and do a thrilling downhill ride if there is interest ($15 for the lift pass or FREE with the Freedom Pass through 沃特维尔谷 accommodations). 自带山地车、头盔和水.

如果有人住在WV住宿, 他们的住宿是有自由通行证的, they can get a bike rental for just $5 (though some of the literature said it was free).   .

帐篷下面的帕卡德田地, 落日烧烤店提供各种各样的卷饼, 沙拉, 还有其他好吃的. Refuel after your morning activities and get together once more before departing. 

Please contact Lauren Lavigne if you have any questions
l_lavign@plymouth.Edu | (603)535-2763 


峰会赞助商: 中州健康中心

展示赞助商: CG电影公司, 梳妆台无限, Hammond Wheeler房地产公司泽维尔集团p, NH电力合作社, 斯皮尔纪念医院

自助餐赞助商: Biederman的熟食店 & 酒吧, 大通街街市

活动赞助商:  斯夸姆湖自然科学中心, 沃特维尔谷娱乐部, 形成的角度

妇女捐赠奖学金圈 supports non-traditional (22 years of age and older) female students at Plymouth State, 谁有真正的经济需求. Your contribution directly supports the education of women who are taking a chance and working hard to create a bright future by earning their degree. Join a circle of support from across the community united in the support of these deserving recipients.

 Click here for more information and to make a donation.

Join WLS in Supporting the Strength and 调理开放实验室oratory 

WLS很自豪能够支持力量队 & 调理开放实验室 and future generations of leaders in wellness. We invite you to be e a part of WLS’s next philanthropic goal with a gift to the Strength & 调理开放实验室. 

的年代&C Lab通过以下方式使自己与WLS的价值观保持一致:  

  • Contributing to the health and wellbeing of our 菠菜导航网最新推荐 students, athletes, and alumni; 
  • Providing equity, space, and opportunities among learners and educators; 
  • Preparing students to become leaders in the health and human performance industries through state-of-the-art equipment, 专家指导, and endless opportunities to engage with the community through hands-on learning. 


联系Lauren Lavigne (603) 535-2763|l_lavign@lesserbirds.com